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Ramagiri - Shree Rama Temple, Ramanagara


Concept Proposal for Precinct Improvement

Status: Completed

Client: State Government of Karnataka

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A collaboration  project of Esthétique Architects with Urban Frame Pvt. Ltd.

The original name of Ramadevarabetta situated in Ramanagara district, Karnataka , is Ramagiri. This has been recorded as a hill fortress in archival drawings dating to 18th century. Ramagiri is associated with the legend of Rama patha during the vanavasa of God Shri Rama. The original town of Ramanagara was situated at the foothills of Ramagiri. The Shivalinga of the Shri Rameshwara temple is believed to have been consecrated by Shri Rama Himself where as the murti of Pattabhishikta Rama is believed to have been consecrated by Sugriva. An inscription dating to 16th century which was earlier located in Bommachanahalli, and now lost but recorded in the Epigraphia Carnatica by B. L. Rice and subsequent archaeological report filed by R. Narasimhachar in 1910 give historical and epigraphial evidence to the fact that the rangamantapa of the Shri Rama temple was constructed by Kempe Gowda I.

We have proposed precinct improvement of the temples at the hilltop and at the foothills keeping in mind the scale and style of provincial temple architecture found in the temples presently. The proposal is to have limited and strategic intervention aimed at accentuating the spiritual experience for devotees and piligrims while providing basic amenities like drinking water. The conceptual master plan is set within the limits of the natural hillscape and sanctuary norms and is spread over the present built footprint which is a small portion of the dereserved area.


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